SEO Trends that You Must Follow in the Year 2021

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May 27, 2021

Search engine optimization is a powerful digital marketing tool for start-ups and medium-scale companies. But, with Google and other search engines becoming strict than ever, it is difficult to fool them with deceitful tricks. With new types of mobile devices starting to shape the prospect of search in terms of consumer behavior, new trends are bound to take place in the dynamic SEO industry. Here are some SEO trends to look forward to in the year 2021.

Video content will rule the roost

When it comes to branding, better ROI, and B2C, content integrated with infographics, images, and videos will be more powerful and interactive than mere text. It will fetch more traffic and engagement in the true sense. Content integrated with videos or embedded with multimedia elements will elicit better responses from people and strike their chords better.

It’s time to go mobile-friendly

The number of mobile users is surpassing the desktop users and in the future too the scenario is not going to change much. For achieving mobile-friendliness in your SEO strategy for 2021, do the following things:

  • Avoid software that is not common on mobile devices, especially Flash
  • Make your site responsive
  • Ensure the text fits inside the monitor viewport so users don’t have to scroll flat or zoom.
  • Offering configuration to mobile users with page tagging for diverse handheld devices and browsers to load pages differently.
  • Make the format text readable

Platforms will battle out against each other

The battles between Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are expected to impact the market share more than straight search-on-search rivalry. 

Forget black hat practices

Say goodbye to poor backlinks and duplicated content taken from other sites as they will not work anymore in 2016. If you still do not believe me, get ready to be penalized by Google with lower website rankings on its pages.

Social Media boosts SEO

Indexing hash tags, tweets, and creating profiles on Facebook and Twitter will make a more impact than ever before.

When a user shares one of the company’s pages on social media, more people will observe the page, comprehend it, and some of them may share it. These activities will result in inbound links.

Don’t neglect the local SEO

Local SEO is ideal for achieving a higher ranking in Google. It will be an important aspect of SEO strategy for 2016.  Geographic locality and search history play a vital role in the kind of results that people observe. 20% of the users in desktops look for local businesses for catering to their needs. On mobile handsets, 50% of the users search for local products and services.

Local business listings posted with your address, phone numbers and incorporating links to your information can do wonders for your business. You can also create a Google Business Page and add your business description there. You can also get reviews, testimonials, and ratings from the customers. The best feature of local SEO is that both local businesses and large-scale companies can reap the benefits of local business listings in terms of getting the required exposure.

Which of the above trends do you think is going to dominate in the year 2021? Share your feedback and comments.

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