SEO DOs Don’ts Tactics that You Must Follow in 2021


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June 16, 2021

There is no clear-cut strategy in SEO that is a winner. It is a combination of factors that makes the whole campaign work. Here are some SEO dos and don’ts that you must follow in the year 2021.


Put social media links in your content

Share your content on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and add their links for more exposure and visitors. Don’t forget to integrate share buttons in the content for more shares. The share button should be located at the top or bottom of your content page.

Create valuable content for the readers

Content is the king in SEO marketing. A unique, informative, engaging, and well-written is good enough to go viral. Combine it with high-quality images, graphics, and videos and it will be more interactive for the readers. Posting innovative images of the cookies would be even better for the visitors.

Don’t use an ambiguous title

The misleading and ambiguous title will make the readers confused. A title should perfectly complement the content that is published so that visitors get attracted to read it. Remember, the title is the first thing that entices the visitors into reading the content.

Create influential and customized meta descriptions

Write Meta descriptions that are forceful and influence the buyers to purchase your products directly. Speak directly to the person who will be searching for your content. Start writing the Meta descriptions by using words like Discover, Learn, Find, Buy, etc.

Connect with the readers

The best way to engage more and more readers for your content is by facilitating them to participate in blog commenting and YouTube videos. For more social shares and backlinks of your content, but comment boxes situated at the bottom of it.


Avoid using keywords too much in title and meta descriptions

Overusing keywords will take away the credibility of your content and lower the site’s rankings. It will turn off the readers and as a result, search engine sites will reject it. Do not repeat keywords especially in title and meta descriptions of the content.

Never insert keywords forcefully or unnaturally in your content

Quality content can be easily ruined if you use the keywords forcefully in it. If there is no sense of perspective surrounding the keyword, it will spoil the content as well as lower the ranking of your site in Google.

Generally, SEO keywords will be more functional if they are placed at the start of the content, but at the same time, you have to make sure that it does not affect the overall flow of your content.

Don’t publish duplicate and plagiarized content

Never publish plagiarized or duplicated content that is taken from other sites. If that happens, you will be strictly penalized by Google Algorithms, as it checks whether the content posted on the site is unique or not.

Avoid writing guest posts for bad sites

Never publish guest posts on those sites that are unreliable and have a bad reputation. It will never drive traffic and you will never be able to reach people.

Don’t Use link schemes

Using link schemes in SEO is a spamming technique where unnatural links are acquired to quickly escalate the reputation of a website. Link schemes include hidden links, buying expired domains, commenting on spam, etc. This black hat tactic should be seriously avoided to garner traffic and credibility for your site.

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