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June 10, 2021

Do you want to drive sales and build a brand name for your new e-commerce site? Then, you must promote it on Instagram. In recent years, Instagram has grown in stature and is best described as the next social goldmine. With a colossal 500+ million client base, between the age of 18 and 34, it is clearly the next big social marketing channel. But in case if you have created an E-commerce site and want to promote it on Instagram, then you are on the right track. Here are 7 tips to do it effectively.

Publish photos of customers using your products

The best way to build credibility about your site and entice new customers, post images that exhibit customers using your products. Emotion-filled images of products and buyers will accurately unlock the optical and emotional supremacy of Instagram, and they will develop a wish to buy.

Use lifestyle images

Marketing on Instagram is different from other social networking sites. Here images are the king and speak the volumes of the company’s brands and give to the customers about how they can utilize them. Many digital retailers adopt the strategy of posting images taken from real-life backgrounds.

Run photo contest campaigns

To encourage more visitors, running a contest is a good idea. It gives visitors an opportunity to avail exciting gifts by winning it. Put contest-specific hashtags with each campaign to connect with the followers, get the best of your reach, and make it more effective.

Post-event-centric images

Allowing customers to have a sneak peek of the company’s events is one way to make a personal liaison with the company and become familiar with its culture. It can be any happening including charity events, product launches, or event collaboration.

Commemorate seasons with special graphics

Connect with the visitors by wishing them on Christmas, Diwali or New Year. Create electrifying and alluring graphics to make it striking.

Showcase upcoming products

In order to keep the customers abreast of the company’s latest products, showcase them on Instagram. Customers always feel excited about new launches in the market and so they will definitely feel curious about them.

Create gorgeous and motivating posts

Since Instagram marketing revolves around sharing images, it is vital to integrate beautiful and motivating posts. It will promote good brand awareness.

People love taking snaps but it’s only the beautiful images that they are fond of. So use various apps and online tools to create gorgeous and attractive images for Instagram. Tutorials on these sites will instruct you on how to create enchanting images. You can also rent photographers for creating images through photoshoots to stand out from the rest and if you think you have the budget to go for it.

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