7 Social Media Marketing Myths that you should Stop Believing

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June 2, 2021

Social media is a potent marketing channel to boost a brand’s visibility and profitability. But despite having vast potential, many small and large-scale businesses refuse to give it the same value as other digital marketing channels. This is due to some myths that are undermining its importance. Here are 7 myths about social media marketing that needs to be debunked without delay.

Myth 1: Social Media marketing is free of cost

Fact: Although social media marketing is relatively cheaper than conventional media, it is not entirely free of cost. Initially, you require making sufficient investment to reap its benefits and achieve greater ROI (return on investment).

Myth 2: Social Media marketing is enough for building online brand reputation

Fact: Although social media marketing is a potent tool to reach the target audiences, other marketing channels are required too to improve a brand’s visibility.

Outdoor campaigns, exhibitions, direct mailers should be integrated with a social media marketing campaign to build a trustworthy online brand reputation.

Myth 3: Social Media marketing does not generate sales leads

Fact: People tend to think social media marketing lags behind PPC or direct mail, in terms of lead generation, but this is wrong. Just like increasing customer loyalty and boosting awareness about a brand, social media marketing is perfectly capable of bringing leads for sales if it integrates compelling content.

According to the figures provided by Hubspot, 70% of businesses are actively using social network sites for lead generation, with 34% of marketing specialists able to generate quality leads.

Myth 4: Email marketing have become obsolete due to the advent of social media marketing

Fact: Email marketing is often believed to have become dead because it cannot use sophisticated features of social media to openly connect with its users. In fact, just like other traditional mediums, email marketing needs to go together with social media marketing to yield fruitful results and brand visibility. It is mandatory if you plan to begin an effective marketing campaign online.

Myth 5: Google+ is ineffective

Fact: Google+ is not at all ineffective because Posts at Google+ are indexed in the SERPs, and authors’ Google+ profiles are showing up next to those results and improving click-through rates on listings.

Myth 6: Social Media marketing gets boost from few likes and shares

Fact: In order to grow your reach a few likes and shares are not adequate in social media marketing. Posts on Facebook and Twitter need to be liked by thousands of people to make them go viral and be more successful.

Myth 7:  Hashtags are very powerful

Fact:  There is no doubt about the fact that hashtags are important in social media marketing, but giving overemphasizing their importance is wrong. It’s not going to bring you business leads and you can only use them for promoting an event such as a webinar or a trade show.

Can you recommend any other myth regarding social media marketing? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section and we will be happy to hear from you.

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